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Welcome to the main website for ShoutBot.  ShoutBot is a program used by internet radio stations to display data requested by end users in open channel.  The program works by connecting a client to any IRC network and joining a channel owned by the radio station.  ShoutBot is designed to be fast, efficient, and reliable.

ShoutBot is released as open-source software under the GNU General Public License.  You may copy and/or redistribute the source code for this program under that license.

I, myself, have deployed ShoutBot in a few large ShoutCast-based radio station channels (usually over 100 chatters in the channel at any one moment), and the bot has always performed quite well.

Jan. 9, 2004 - ShoutBot 3.1 released! - by nemesis
I finally worked on ShoutBot a bit more and added support for icecast streams.  ShoutBot 3.1 also adds the ability to execute shell commands when dj's log in or log out, and you can now use ChanServ to set topics. Be sure to check out version 3.1, and let me know if you spot any bugs!

Aug. 13, 2003 - Aggrivation - by nemesis
I hate to go on a bit of a troll here, but it seems that a few people have decided to download ShoutBot and relplace the version string taking credit for the release.  One instance of this can be found on Undernet in the channel #Mp3z where a user altered the CTCP VERSION reply of their ShoutBot, "Mp3zRadio."  Please leave the version information alone.  If people keep messing with it, I may stop development.  Thanks to all of you that care enough to be decent about it!

Aug. 13, 2003 - ShoutBot 3.0.1 released! - by nemesis
There were a couple minor bugs found in 3.0.  Version 3.0.1 has been released to fix them.  More information on the bugs can be found here.

Aug. 12, 2003 - ShoutBot website construction started - by nemesis
I've begun the website construction today.  I'll try and get everything up over the next few days, so bear with me with all the broken links!  I'm still working on getting the CVS stuff up.  I haven't really used CVS, so I'm still new to it.

Aug. 11, 2003 - ShoutBot 3.0 released! - by nemesis
Today marks the first public release of ShoutBot.  I decided that after months of private development, it really made sense to share this code.  I realized the lack of this sort of program, so here it is!  Best of all, it's 100% free.  I hope you enjoy this program as much as I do.  Please don't feel shy about requesting features; and PLEASE let me know if you find any bugs.  Thanks!

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